Skype English Lessons

Skype English Lessons

Welcome to Skype English Lessons!

- Online English lessons with a professional and qualified native speaker.

- Prices starting from 1500 Roubles (£25 GBP) for 45 minutes. Groups and individuals are the same price



- Exam preparation, General English and Business English are available. (Course books include English File, Cutting Edge and Market Leader.  Exams include FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL)

- Free study materials provided in advance of every lesson including audio, TV, writing, reading and vocabulary exercises.  

- Learn English with your favourite TV shows.  Perhaps the most effective way to learn English fast.  Free Skype English lessons for TV shows can be found on this page

- All credit cards accepted.  Both 'Paypal' and 'Bitcoin' are payment options.  

- All ages welcome.  At the moment I have several children younger than 11, as well as groups of adults who study with me in conference calls.  Skype Lessons are open to everyone and can adapt to whatever your needs are.

- All professions and positions welcome.  I am currently teaching managers from the following companies



The methods employed in my skype English lessons are simple and effective.  I have electronic versions of all the popular course books for learning English.  I often send chapters from these books for homework, and we discuss the themes and grammar in class.  In addition, I write exercises for TV shows such as IT Crowd, Sherlock Holmes, Jamie Oliver, The Office and The Simpsons. These include grammar and vocabulary exercises as well as discussion questions.  Many of these lessons can be found on my Squidoo page as well as on the video lessons page.  This kind of homework is essential for anyone who wants to improve their listening and speaking skills, and most of my students do some sort of constant listening as part of their homework, perhaps because I insist!  For literature lovers I send adapted classics by email and encourage students to retell me the plot in class.  Or alternatively, I ask students to listen to audio versions of these books and then we discuss the text.  And for younger learners and those trying hard to move up to an intermediate level I enjoy using pictures to stimulate vocabulary.  Homework is recommended and sent after every lesson to your email, free of charge.

If you have any questions regarding how a skype English lesson works, just click the picture below to add me to your skype contacts, and ask me in the free trial lesson. I hope to see you all soon! 




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