The FCE exam currently has 5 parts (listening, reading, speaking, writing and use of English). However, in January 2015, the reading and use of English papers will be combined into one exam, and so only 4 parts will remain. The Use of English paper currently consists of 4 questions, and these four questions will remain in the 2015 exam format. These four questions are.

1) Multiple choice gap fill

2) One word gap fill

3) Word formation

4) Key word transformations

The multiple choice is dealt with in detail here


You can find examples of all four questions here


To get a really good mark in the Use of English it is necessary to focus on several topics which are tested in this exam. For the next few months this blog will go through these different topics with video lessons and quizzes. I hope they will prove to be a useful resource for both independent students and teachers as well.¬†Please follow the links to choose the topic which you would like to study (if the link doesn’t work, it means I haven’t finished building it yet). And please leave comments if you have any questions or remarks.

1) Collocations

2) Words with a similar meaning

3) Prepositions

4) Phrasal Verbs

5) Linking words

6) Phrases and idioms

7) Auxiliary verbs

8) Articles

9) Modal verbs

10) Passive

11) Prefixes and Suffixes

12) Reported speech

13) Conditionals

14) Hypothetical (subjunctive)

15) Reporting verbs

I have some extra lessons and exercises for adverb collocations which could be useful for the writing part of the FCE exam.

Adverb Collocations

For more information on the format of other parts of the FCE exam, please try the following link


And for more great exercises please try the following websites