Hi! My name is Dave, and I am a fully qualified English teacher. I taught English in Moscow for 9 years, and I have been teaching English online for 6 years.

I am a British native speaker; I have a typical south-east English accent. I have worked with groups and individuals, of all ages and levels, in schools and businesses all over Moscow. Recently, I have been teaching English to students from all over the world via Skype and Youtube. I live with my wife and 2 children in a town not far from London.


Your English teacher


My experience includes preparing students for exams such as FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS and GMAT. Furthermore, I have vast experience with the communicative method. Both children and adults are among my current and former students; I enjoy working with all ages. I have a good working knowledge of Russian, and this helps me understand the difficulties and misunderstandings that go with learning a foreign language. In addition, I’ve worked in schools with children aged 7-16 years old, so I have experience of working with beginners. I have also taught advanced level students in different companies around Moscow; forexample, I’ve worked in Johnson & Johnson, Rosgostrakh, BP and Gazprombank. My current online students include interpreters, managers, accountants, teachers, and lawyers from a variety of different countries.

Teaching methods

I use a wide range of English resources in my classes. Firstly, I place a heavy emphasis on listening practice, so I ask students to watch TV shows and complete exercises for homework. Students must retell the shows during the class, and I expect them to use any new vocabulary or grammar that they came across in the exercises. I have written these exercises myself and they are for programs like Sherlock (3 different versions!), IT Crowd, Father Ted, House of Cards, Good Behaviour, Firefly and Harry Potter. If you are interested in using some of these resources please try the relevant pages on my blog:

English lessons for the IT Crowd: intermediate level
English lessons for Sherlock (UK): upper intermediate level
English lessons for Sherlock (US): advanced level
English lessons for Willy Fogg: pre intermediate level
English lessons for Father Tedintermediate level

Some students prefer to focus on reading and writing skills. In this case we study texts (literature, and articles from the media) and discuss the themes in order to activate new vocabulary and improve fluency. Written work is sent to me by email before the next class so that I have time to mark the essay and write some feedback outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the essay. Often students will require these skills in order to pass certain exams, and if this is the case the reading and writing tasks will come directly from the relevant exam.

For grammar skills I have made hundreds of youtube videos in which various grammatical structures are explained (tenses, modal verbs, conditionals, prepositions, adverbs, articles, phrasal verbs, linking words, collocations, quantifiers). Students are expected to watch the lesson and then test their skills with online quizzes and exercises (you can find lots that I made myself on this site). Additionally, I send scanned exercises from high quality student books to reinforce this knowledge. During class, we use pictures, diagrams, and games in order to activate different grammatical structures and become fluent in their use.

For literature enthusiasts of all ages, I have a large number of adapted texts that I enjoy using in class. The student is usually asked to read a chapter for homework and then retell what they remember (attempting to use new vocabulary and grammar) during the online English lesson. The texts range in difficulty from beginner to upper intermediate, and so there is something for everyone.