To start speaking elementary English confidently you will need to understand English tenses. A full explanation of all tenses for elementary level students is here


However, you will also need to speak these tenses correctly to improve your fluency. The following illustrated elementary English lessons are designed to help you learn basic vocabulary and grammar in a spoken form. Please speak to your monitors when you watch these lessons. The first class helps you use present simple, as well as daily routine vocabulary and time. Please remember the form of present simple in positive, negative and question forms.


(Repeated present actions which happen every day/week/month. STATIVE VERBS)

I/you/we/they go
He/she it goes

I/you/we/they don’t go
He/she/it doesn’t go

Do I/you/we/they go…?
Does he/she/it go…?

Now please answer the following questions

What time is it now, in your country?
What do you usually do at half past eight in the morning?
What do you usually do at quarter to nine at night?
What time do you usually wake up?
What time do you usually get dressed?
What time do you usually have a shower?
What time do you eat breakfast?
What time do you go to work?
What time do you finish work?
Do you watch TV or read a book in the evening? When do you do it?
When do you go to bed?

In the second lesson we practise using present continuous, as well as some prepositions which describe location. Please remember the form of present continuous, and click the link for an explanation


(Actions which are happening now. Unfinished actions we are ‘in the middle of’.  DYNAMIC VERBS)

I am going
We/you/they are going
He/she/it is going

I’m not going
We/you/they aren’t going
He/she/it isn’t going

Am I going…?
Are you/we/they going…?
Is he/she/it going…?


Please answer the following questions

What are you wearing?
What are you doing?
What is your brother/sister doing at the moment?
What are your parents doing at the moment?
What is your best friend doing at the moment?

There is a quick quiz here




In the third elementary English class we practise past simple (regular and irregular verb forms). Please remember how past simple is formed, and try and learn your irregular verbs. There is a good table HERE

(Finished past actionsSTATIVE VERBS)

I/you/we/they/she/he/it went

I/you/we/they/she/he/it didn’t go

Did I/you/we/they/she/he/it go?

Please answer the following questions

What time did you wake up, this morning?
What did you eat for breakfast?
What time did you start work?
What did you eat for lunch?
What time did you finish work?
What time did you go to bed last night?

Now try the following quiz



In the fourth lesson, we practise the time once again, and we learn how to use past continuous, which has the following form. Please remember that STATIVE VERBS (know, see, hear, like, love, hate, understand, want etc..) can’t be used in any continuous tense, and so we don’t use them with past continuous

(Unfinished past actions. DYNAMIC VERBS!)

He/she/it/I  was + VERB + ‘ING’

you/we/they were  + VERB + ‘ING’


Please answer the following questions

What were you doing at half past 8, yesterday morning?
What were you doing at quarter past 4, yesterday afternoon?
What was your family doing when you got home last night?
What were you wearing when you went to work yesterday?
How were you feeling when you woke up this morning?

Now try the following quiz



In the fifth elementary English lesson we practise PRESENT PERFECT (have/has + 3rd form), and we focus on the signal words which are an indication that this tense must be used.

PRESENT PERFECT = have / has + 3rd form

Please use with: already, yet, just, for since, ever, never, how many times, how long

Please answer the following questions

Where do you live? How long have you lived there?
Where do you work? How long have you worked there?
Are you married? How long have you been married?
Do you have a car? How long have you had it?
Do you have a best friend? How long have you known him or her?

More Elementary English lessons coming soon in this speaking course…

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