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English Lessons for TV Shows

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Free TV show lessons

Forever English Lessons

November 9, 2015

An upper intermediate English course with ‘Forever’ These lessons are designed for upper intermediate or advanced students, and they test different…

Skype Lessons

Welcome to my website. I give online English lessons to both foreign learners and native speakers. I use this website to sell the materials that I create for my classes. Here is a free sample of my latest exercise book, VISUAL PHRASAL VERBS. Please go to my shop for a full list of products. Contact me for private classes. Support me and subscribe to my weekly YouTube lessons.

English Lessons for TV Shows

Teach yourself new vocabulary and grammar with my TV show lessons. I have written grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension exercises for popular TV shows, such as IT Crowd, Sherlock,  House of Cards, Mindhunter and many more. CLICK HERE for the full list.

Grammar and Vocabulary Lessons

In addition to my English lessons for TV shows, you can find hundreds of grammar and vocabulary lessons on YouTube and on this site. These lessons are freely available to everyone, so please visit one of my online classes to find out more about my teaching methods. I release 1 or 2 new lessons every week, so anyone following me on social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Google+ will get the benefits of constant lessons from a professional English teacher. To find out more about my skills and experience, please visit the Who is your English teacher? page. CLICK HERE to visit my blog and see some of these classes.

Learn English with Harry Potter

Skype Lessons

Online Tuition

Classes are 1 hour long and take place on Skype with a webcam and microphone. Before class, I send the student homework by email. A typical homework consists of some listening practice (TV shows), some grammar (my YouTube lessons and other exercises), and some reading (literature, business texts, or articles in the press).

During class, we discuss and use the grammar structures that were studied, and the student will retell the plot of the TV show. I use my own ebooks to focus on vocabulary and grammar from the shows. You can find examples of my TV show lessons here.

After each class, I send homework and feedback to the student. The feedback is a list of (corrected) mistakes that were made during the class and a list of new words that came up in class. I expect all students to regularly revise these feedback documents so that their vocabulary and their grammar improve.

The Students

The people who come here for online English lessons come from a range of ages and backgrounds. Obviously, they also come for a variety of reasons.

Currently, the majority of my students are prospective English teachers who will soon start working in UK schools. In our classes, we focus on punctuation, syntax, and parts of speech. I find it immensely enjoyable to work with English professionals.

All my other students are learning English as a foreign language. Younger students (8-13) go through an elementary grammar course (or appropriate for their level). I encourage easy TV shows (Peppa Pig), but as skills improve I like to use popular films (Harry Potter). Adapted texts are used for reading homework, with authors such as Conan Doyle, Mark Twain and Jules Verne. Teenagers often have exams (FCE, CAE, state exams, IELTS, TOEFL), so we prepare for these if necessary.

Mature students often study English because they use it at work, so business courses have been on offer for a number of years. Course books include Market Leader and Intelligent Business. However, for adults who are not interested in Business English, I often use the course book ‘English File’, which I consider the best course for General English. The majority of older students enjoy my TV show lessons in addition to studying business, literature, and media texts.

The Classes

One lesson is 1 hour long, and payment is by paypal. The price includes the lesson feedback (a list of mistakes and new vocabulary sent after every lesson) and the homework materials (exercises for TV shows, adapted texts, student books, visual aids). There are no ‘free trial’ classes, but anyone who wishes to see my teaching methods is encouraged to go to my YouTube Classes and watch whichever grammar topic they would like to learn about. You are also encouraged to try my TV show lessons, which will give you an idea of what we study in an English class.

You can find out more about my qualifications and experience on the Who is your English teacher? page. But here is a quick list

Masters degree in English
20 years’ experience teaching English
More than 400 grammar and vocab lessons
More than 100 TV show lessons
More than 10 000 hours of online lessons completed
Experience with a wide range of nationalities
Knowledge of a second language (Russian)
Experience with FCE, CAE, CPE, GMAT, and IELTS exams