Learning combinations of verb/adjective/noun + prepositions can be difficult in English. Nonetheless, you will be tested on your knowledge of these in the FCE exam. This page is dedicated to helping you memorize some of the frequently used (and tested) combinations.

FCE Prepositions

It is best to learn these prepositions in context, so please watch the videos, answer the questions as I ask them (using the same combinations in your answer) and then try the quizzes to check your memory.

1) Do you sympathize with teachers?

2) Who do you rely on?

3) Who do you blame for problems of poverty or corruption?

4) When was the last time you were congratulated on doing something?

5) Do you insist on speaking English perfectly?

6) Do you believe in UFOs? Or aliens?

7) Do you think you will succeed in passing FCE?

8) Which government policy do you object to? And why?

9) Have you suffered from any illnesses recently?

10 How long did it take you to recover from this illness?

11) Do you care about the environment?  Do you care for the ideas of Marx or Freud?

12) Have you recently applied to any companies for a position?

13) What is your favourite football team known as?

14) Do you think you could get used to living in England?

15) Are you in charge of a team at work?


Verbs and prepositions

Here is a lesson that deals with 12 different verb and preposition collocations. Please watch the lesson, and then answer the questions

1) Who does your house belong to?

2) Have you ever been falsely accused of doing something?

3) Who do you usually borrow money from?

4) Who do you usually lend money to?

5) Have you ever been robbed/sacked? When did it happen to you?

6) How often to you talk to your parents?

7) What do you think of the president?

8) What are you thinking about doing tonight?

9) Who do you depend on most?

10) When was the last time you apologised for something?

11) How many rooms is your house divided into?

12) Do you find it difficult to focus on studying English?


Nouns and prepositions

Here is a lesson which looks at nouns and prepositions. Please answer the questions in the following exercise to activate your skills, and also try the quiz.

1) What is the solution to unemployment or homelessness?

2) What is the reason for the high levels of inflation?

3) Has there been an increase/decrease in the value of your currency?

4) Is there any point in protesting against government policy?

5) Do you have any respect for your government/political parties?

6) What is your attitude to immigration?

7) Do you have any difficulty in remembering people’s names?

8) What do you have a reputation for?

9) Would you say there are a lack of jobs where you live?

10) Is there a need for higher or lower interest rates?


Adjectives and prepositions

Now we’ll go through adjectives and prepositions. There are questions for you to answer which use these collocations.

1) Has anyone been cruel/nasty or generous/kind to you recently? In what way?

2) Have you been angry? What about and who with?

3) Have you been pleased in the last week? Who with and what about?

4) Who are you married to?

5) Are you similar to or different from your partner?

6) What are you most afraid of?

7) What subjects are you good and bad at?

8) Were you delighted with your last exam result? Or disappointed?

9) Who do you feel sorry for? What are you sorry about?

10) Are you worried about your next exam?


Prepositions of Time

Perhaps you are unsure of how we use prepositions with expressions of time? Here are two easy lessons which deal with this theme. Please answer my questions (with the correct prepositions) and do the quizzes to test your knowledge.

1) What time do you get up in the morning? When do you usually go to bed?

2) When are you going on your next holiday?

3) In how many months will you take FCE?

4) What date is your birthday?

5) In which month do you prefer to travel?

Please use all of these combinations as often as possible when you speak English. You will memorize them. And please leave links to any other useful online preposition exercises. Why not try my TV show lessons now, to improve fluency?

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