Here at Skype Lessons I like to encourage ALL my students to do as much listening practice as possible. How else will you get used to the fast speech, the variety of accents and the range of rich expressions which native speakers use? In order to provide structure to the listening courses I have written more than 50 lessons for shows like The IT Crowd, Jamie Oliver, Derren Brown, Sherlock Holmes and many many more.  These lessons are provided to everyone free of charge and visitors to this site are welcome to practise their listening skills for free by watching the episodes and completing the exercises.  The exercises come with grammar, vocabulary and comprehension questions (and answers) in order that the student progresses and expands their vocabulary while not forgetting the essential elements of English grammar. Simply click on the 'expand' button in order to view the lesson. If you like the lessons please share them with your friends, and teachers are welcome to download them and use them with their students. If you would like to discuss the vocabulary or grammar found in the show simply add me on skype .

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English Lessons for The Office by Dave Skype English Lessons

English Lessons for The Office by Dave Skype English Lessons


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